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Marrans-Black Copper-Available 2023

The Marans breed is named for the historic southwestern port town of Marans, France where it originated in the 1920’s. A somewhat rare breed in America, it was not adopted into the American Poultry Association as a standard until 2011. The Black Copper Marans is by far the most popular of the breed, but other Marans could be white or wheaten.

Marans are very active birds that make great free-range foragers. They are also quite intelligent, friendly and calm chickens, and would make a good starter chicken as they are quite a friendly docile breed that is rather low maintenance.This breed is a good egg layer, and tops out at 180-210 per year. Known for its distinctive rich, chocolate brown eggs, they are a favorite among chefs and farmers alike.

Niederrheiner- Lemon/Crele


Whiting True Blue
The Whiting True Blues are excellent blue egg layers.